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Explainly x Uber Eats, 2022

Creative Producer and Account Manager for Explainly, an animation agency in Sausalito looking to elevate their work and their brand with consistency and high-end production value—why they brought me on the team. I helped to shape marketing strategies and brand reform while simultaneously collaborating with the team on multiple animation projects. In tandem with Ben Jackson, we produced the double award-winning animated explainer video, Uber Eats for Merchants.

We partnered with Uber Eats to continue their video campaign into snippets of in-depth and highly valuable information with the goal to support Uber Eats merchants so they can be more successful at what they do best—delivering great service and even better meals that keep customers coming back for more.

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Uber Eats - How to Create an Ad | Animated Explainer Video

Explainly x Zirtue, Layr, & Medallia

More notable projects highlighted from Zirtue, Layr, and Medallia—all with storytelling that’s easy to digest with engaging visuals so each of these brands capture the essence of their product offerings while keeping their customers engaged.

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